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$70,000 donated to school for asbestos removal


Published Jul. 24, 2008

A school in Philadelphia recently received a large donation from three different organizations so they could continue their asbestos removal project.

The school was granted $70,000 to be used towards the asbestos removal that was generated by the organizations over the past year.

asbestos Found in School

Assumption BMV’s school was reportedly built in 1959 and is currently undergoing the second phase of what is to be a three-phase renovation project.

asbestos is reportedly being removed from the ceilings and insulation of a hallway and four of the classrooms at the school.

Keeping Children Protected

asbestos is a known carcinogen that was widely used throughout the United States for insulation and sealing in commercial buildings until it was banned in the 1970’s.

Exposure to asbestos fiber can cause the development of mesothelioma, asbestosis and other lung disorders.

According to Helen Leinhauser, president of Assumption BVM’s Home and School Association, the school takes part in annual safety checks to ensure the asbestos isn’t contaminating the air.

The safety checks are taken as an extra precaution to ensure that the children and employees aren’t at risk of exposure.

Money Raised for a Worthy Cause

The school received donations from Connelly Foundation of West Conshohocken and the Raskob Foundation, in addition from the money raised by an organization at the school.

The school is still working on raising an additional $32,000 for phase three.