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The use of Asbestos was very common in residential and commercial construction materials. When dangers of Asbestos were realized, the substance was banned from use in the late 1970’s. However, even today, Asbestos still exists in many households across the U.S.

EnviroVantage are experts at removing Asbestos for both commercial and residential clients. Many times, we discover Asbestos in areas our clients didn’t even realize it existed – like in floor tiles in the basement or around heating pipes.

If your home or office was built or renovated before 1980, Asbestos may be an uninvited guest that you want to remove from your home. Here is an Infographic from Mesothelioma Help Now that illustrates where you may find Asbestos in your home. The original source of this graphic is http://www.mesotheliomahelpnow.com/Blog/2012/05/16/Asbestos-A-Silent-Killer

If you suspect that Asbestos exists in your home or office, DO NOT attempt to remove it yourself. EnviroVantage offers many methods for the safe removal of Asbestos. Contact us for a no obligation consultation.