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Cary Cottage
Roxbury, MA


EnviroVantage contributed to the renovation of Cary Cottage, a three-story building at Dimock Community Health Center in Roxbury that provides transitional housing and counseling for men entering drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The seven-month project was part of a multi-year renovation of the entire Dimock center.


EnviroVantage conducted lead paint abatement from the building’s windows, removal of asbestos tiles from the front entryway, and replacement of most of the building’s exterior clapboards.

Major Challenge

Replacing the clapboards became an exacting task due to the Boston Historical Commission’s mandate to preserve as much of the original building’s materials as possible. Decisions were made on a board-by-board basis.


EnviroVantage received an “Excellence in Construction Merit Award” from the Massachusetts chapter of Associated Builders and Contractors, the state’s largest construction trade association.

“The Cary Cottage project called upon our key strength of being able to remove all hazardous materials without jeopardizing the structural or historic integrity of the building,” says EnviroVantage president Scott Knightly. “We are honored that ABC recognized the value of EnviroVantage’s contribution to this crucial restoration.”