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Project: Commercial Warehouse
Location: Portsmouth, NH


EnviroVantage was called to take on a large abatement project at a commercial warehouse in Portsmouth, NH that was contaminated with asbestos and PCB’s. The inside of the building contained asbestos floor tile and mastic and PCB bulbs and ballasts. The built up roof system also contained asbestos mastic that needed to be abated.


The warehouse offered no heat, electricity, or power so EnviroVantage needed to bring in a generator to begin the project.The next step was to set up proper containment so no other areas of the building or outside could be affected by the hazardous materials. If asbestos fibers are released into the air, they can become lodged in lungs and cause many health issues including cancer.

Once the containment was installed, the crew successfully abated all interior asbestos and PCB hazards first, and then moved on to the tackle the asbestos mastic in the roof. They planned to remove the tar, gravel and paper on the roof, but ended up having to remove a layer of cork that was installed on top of that to pitch the roof into the drains as well. EnviroVantage was able to leave the bottom layer of cork with no damage, and earned successful visual clearance from the Industrial Hygienist.


EnviroVantage removed and properly disposed of all asbestos and PCB’s, leaving the once dangerous commercial warehouse safe and environmentally friendly for future renovation.