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Toxic Mold Remediation

Free Download: The Standard of Care for NH Mold Industry: A Guide for Citizens Affected by Mold and Moisture in New Hampshire Buildings by The American Lung Association

EnviroVantage Knows: Moisture is the problem, mold is the result.

Tackling Mold Remediation in Steps

Toxic Mold RemediationThe first step is to identify and locate the water intrusion and/or causative moisture source(s) that allowed the mold growth in the first place.

The second step is to correct the source of the problem which creates a comprehensive protocol to ensure that the mold will not return.

The third step is to determine the best method to decontaminate the entire area and follow the prescribed procedures.

Utilizing infrared cameras and moisture mapping, EnviroVantage can determine the scope of the mold problem and establish the most effective technique to correct it. Once this is done, EnviroVantage crews will continue the remediation process, from the moisture solution right through to the thorough clean-up and restoration of the entire area.

EnviroVantage offers many methods to aid in the relief from floods, water damage and to eliminate all types of mold/microbials, from the treatment of new building materials at construction sites, to ice blasting, drainage sloping, installation of sump pumps, dehumidification/air exchangers, and roof/attic ventilation – whatever the job dictates for successful completion. No project is the same and each requires careful examination to solve the moisture source and remediate the problem.

EnviroVantage Has the Experience You Need

Contractors, facility managers and building owners have called on EnviroVantage for safe, professional mold remediation for twenty five years. Our trained experts are ready to help with your mold contamination issue and improve your indoor air quality today. We have performed this type of work in all building structures including schools, retail facilities, government structures, office buildings, state buildings, healthcare facilities, industrial buildings and more.

You deserve to have the job done right. You will often see an EnviroVantage employee with a tablet in the field giving an update on the spot!

Contact EnviroVantage for your next mold removal project and you’ll be glad you did.