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Project: Elliott Rose Greenhouse Demolition
Location: Dover, NH


The Elliott Rose Farm in Dover, NH included 4 greenhouses; 3 at 800 feet in length and 1 at 400 feet. Due to age and snow pressure, it was necessary to re-enforce the metal framing with wood. The only way to secure the wood, glass and frame was to use caulking that, unfortunately in the 1970’s, contained asbestos. In 2003, the rose farm shut down but the land was still very valuable.


EnviroVantage was recently brought in to perform dirt-removal, demolition, asbestos abatement and environmental clean-up. The first portion of the project included removing 9 inches of dirt in the planter beds, and a half foot of dirt located between the beds. The dirt was then transported to the Old Dover DPW site for disposal.

The next phase of the project was to demolish all 4 hot houses entirely. Since each structure contained asbestos, the yellow shirted crews took caution by continually soaking the wood and caulking to make sure that no asbestos fibers were set free into the air. The proper exterior and ground containment was secured and the demolition process began.

EnviroVantage effectively removed all roof and side panels first, then demolished the metal/wood framing, and finally removed the foundation, pipe and footings in the trenches and the remaining planter beds.

Once the demolition was finished, meticulous environmental clean up was performed. EV crews hand picked all broken glass and asbestos debris from the ground. The asbestos was safely loaded into hazpacks for secure transportation to the disposal site. Up and down wind air sampling was executed throughout the project and final clearance inspection complete.


The project was finished on schedule and EnviroVantage efficiently recycled all aluminum, plastic, steel, cement, panels, electric wiring/cables and over 51,000 feet of piping. Only one dumpster of trash (materials that could not be recycled) accumulated throughout the entire project. Another fantastic EnviroVantage success story emerged!