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Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) is one of the country’s most prestigious preparatory schools with an imposing presence in the beautiful town of Exeter, New Hampshire.

As a very young company, Lead Source, since renamed EnviroVantage, won in 1987 an opportunity to power wash campus buildings and replace some of the old single pane windows with new Harvey Replacement Windows. There were no lead laws or OSHA guidelines in those days and sure enough, one of the early team members at another location endured lead poisoning. PEA embraced our efforts to understand and adapt to the guidelines when they were developed a few years later and chose us for all their lead abatement work.

Lead paint abatement lead to asbestos work, demolition and now mold remediation. Keith Ronalter, PEA Facilities, enjoys telling the story of his advising another contractor that they had to get their work done right, on time by the next day or “I will get in a whole truck load of yellow shirted guys (our crews all dress in the company color-yellow) to get it done.”

Today, Scott Sansoucie, VP of Operations for EnviroVantage manages the PEA relationship, has the trust of the campus administration and actively works with Facilities to help in the planning of needed projects.

About EnviroVantage

EnviroVantage, Inc. is a regional leader in the safe handling and removal of hazardous materials (including lead paint, asbestos, and mold) found at building sites on projects requiring renovation, demolition, or historic reconstruction. EnviroVantage created the standard procedures for lead paint removal and staffs experts on every major contaminant found in buildings. Information about EnviroVantage, including its new training center, can be found at www.envirovantage.com.

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