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February 19, 2007, Epping, NH

EnviroVantage, Inc. a leader in the safe handling of hazardous materials at building and historic reconstruction sites, today announced the appointment of Barry Williams to the newly created position of Director of Mold Remediation.

“We are confident Barry will enable us to develop and execute programming to help businesses and homeowners keep mold under control,” says EnviroVantage president Scott Knightly. “Every house has mold, yet most people are oblivious to the risks it poses to health and property.”

Williams, who recently earned his commercial license in microbial applications, battled mold for years over eight acres of greenhouses as co-owner of a rose farm. “Mold could destroy $100,000 worth of inventory in one night,” says Williams. “Fighting mold is a constant battle.”

Mold breeds in moist places and left unchecked, can spawn mycotoxins that can result in allergic reactions, respiratory problems, and weakened immune systems. Proliferation of mold into walls, furniture, and carpets can cost thousands of dollars to decontaminate or replace.

EnviroVantage offers many mold consultation, education, and remediation services. Remediation includes creation of negative pressure enclosures with HEPA filtration to cleanse the air, cleaning and disinfecting of non-porous surfaces, and discarding of infected items with air testing conducted throughout the process.

Though mentioned in the Old Testament, it wasn’t until the 1970s, when rising oil prices prompted a push towards energy efficiency, that mold became an environmental issue. Tighter walls and windows meant buildings no longer breathed. The result: more mold spores and new problems such as Sick Building Syndrome. Hurricane Katrina and recent floods in the Northeast raised further awareness. “Five years ago, mold was not a perceived peril,” says Williams. “It is now.”

About EnviroVantage

EnviroVantage, Inc. is a regional leader in the safe handling and removal of hazardous materials (including lead paint, asbestos, and mold) found at building sites on projects requiring renovation, demolition, or historic reconstruction. EnviroVantage created the standard procedures for lead paint removal and staffs experts on every major contaminant found in buildings. Information about EnviroVantage, including its new training center, can be found at www.envirovantage.com.