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Lowell, MA – EnviroVantage partnered with Consigli Construction to complete the refurbishment of Boott Cotton Mill

EnviroVantage offers expertise in many kinds of industry specific projects, including restoring old mill buildings.

One of the exhilarating projects that EnviroVantage has completed in Massachusetts is Boott Cotton Mill, a legendary textile mill built on the Merrimack River. The mill has served as one of the most significant industrial sites in the U.S. during the Industrial Revolution. EnviroVantage took part in environmentally freshening up the mills to bring them into compliance for residential use.

Lowell was famous as a textile manufacturing center back in the 19th century. Today, the canals, gatehouses, worker housing and restored mill buildings are part of the Lowell National Historic Park. The park offers many exciting exhibits and tours to give visitors a realistic look into the past and uncover the Industrial Revolution.

EnviroVantage partnered with Consigli Construction to complete the magnificent refurbishment of the mill. In preparationfor the immense renovation of the structure, EnviroVantage took on project requirements in three phases to successfully clear out the hazards existing in the mill. First, the unoccupied units were abated of hazardous materials and then cleaned up for custom restoration, next the lead paint was removed from all of the occupied units, and finally the common areas were all sandblasted and safely brought to the up to date standards of today.

EnviroVantage crews had to be extremely careful in removing the hazardous lead paint by skillfully hand scraping all posts, beams and wood ceilings. Since the natural wood was going to be exposed in the modern housing units, employees needed to pay special attention to detail in order to preserve the wood’s historic look and restore it back to its original beauty.

EnviroVantage takes pride in assisting with historic restoration projects and is happy to report another job well done. The remarkable Boott Cotton Mills are now home to the Waterfront Lofts including studio, one and two bedroom lofts featuring exposed brick, beams and natural wood ceilings. The classic landmark has been fully restored and updated with every modern amenity.