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EnviroVantage Director of Microbial Division, Barry Williams, presents to the Indoor Air & Biohazard class at Lakes Region Community College this October. The topic is Biological Factors Relating to Indoor Air Quality.

Barry will teach the students and professors about indoor air,  some of the potential biohazards that affect it and what that means to us. The class will learn about problems such as Sick Building Syndrome, Integrated Properties Management, Air Testing, Use of Antimicrobial and Biocides, and more. Barry will also talk about the dangers of mold and the process of mold remediation.

EnviroVantage frequently provides free seminars about the dangers of lead paint, asbestos, mold and more. We also offer on-site training or at our own facility located in Epping, NH. Contact us for more information or to schedule training or an informational seminar today!