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On November 15th, EnviroVantage was awarded the “Building Green” award during the Associated Building & Contractors (ABC) Massachusetts Excellence in Construction Award ceremony in Boston. The award (seen above) outlines “outstanding achievements in green/sustainable construction”. The event took place in Boston’s famous Convention and Exhibition Center, and recognizes the very best construction projects that ABC members have been a part of over the past year. Everybody here at EnviroVantage is thrilled to receive this award, as it highlights our efforts to maintain a green environment with ourselves, our clients, and the world!

Why is it important to go green?

 There are several important reasons for your business to “go green”:

– Setting a positive example for employees, which in turn boosts morale and company loyalty

– Gaining a competitive advantage by differentiating yourself as a green company

– Improving efficiency and potentially lowering operating costs

– Providing a healthier, cleaner working environment