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The recent storm blasting through the state of New Hampshire left a path of destruction in its wake. The NH Distribution facility in Concord was left in distress when the strong winds (gusts up to 68 mph) ripped the roof off, busting sprinklers, pipes and flooding the building. One call to EnviroVantage and our 24/7 Emergency Response Team came to the rescue.

The damaged facility includes 3 levels. The basement level is the supply house for all schools in the state, the 2nd floor houses federal offices, and a printing shop occupies the 3rd floor. EnviroVantage was called in immediately to clean up the water and prevent mold growth and further water damage from occurring.

The EV team worked diligently throughout the days, nights and weekends following the storm setting up mobilized dehumidifiers, blowers and wet vacs to take care of the flooding. Workers performed selective demolition such as removing wet sheet rock, soaking up water, ripping up soppy carpets and exposing some framing. Throughout this process a dangerous material was uncovered – asbestos, a known cancer causing agent.

Instead of inconveniently having to halt the project and call in another contractor, EnviroVantage promptly sent in emergency notification to the state of NH to begin abatement immediately, as we are licensed in multiple disciplines including the removal of asbestos. Permission was received to continue the project as the scope of work increased to remove all asbestos inside the building including floor and ceiling tiles. The proper containments were set up, and the EV team was successful in eliminating this hidden danger to everyone working in the building.

We were happy to assist everyone at this facility in their time of need. If you or someone you know has been affected by powerful storms and/or flooding & water damage, contact us immediately for successful disaster recovery. Our estimators are available 24/7 because we’re always here when you need us.