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During the winter, homeowners are more dependent on oil & fuel to heat their homes. Consumers are always looking for ways to lower their increased dependency on these resources, and by following these tips, that can be attained!

– Conserve energy by turning down the thermostat a couple degrees in the house and water heater, turning off unused lights, and turning off idle computers

– Drive a fuel-efficient car (rated at 32 miles per gallon or more). Even better (if possible), buy a new hybrid gasoline/electric vehicle that gets 50-70 mpg. Reduce the number of vehicle miles you drive, and consider using bio-diesel fuel

– Avoid unnecessary engine idling. Turn off your vehicle engine when parked for more than 30 seconds while waiting in lines or for passengers

– Burn only dry wood in your fireplace and always check for burn bans before you light that cozy fire

– In winter cleaning, use the least-hazardous product to do the job; assess your needs and read the labels