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Frank joined Lead Source, now named EnviroVantage, four years ago after 30+ years with IBM and Kodak. He brought to us an appreciation of the need for procedures and long range planning. “He was more than we expected when we hired the grey hair guy twice retired, a real get it done kind of guy” confirmed Scott Knightly, President of EnviroVantage.

After college, Frank served for several years as an Intelligence Officer behind the so called “Iron Curtain” in Berlin utilizing his language skills. While there, he became fascinated with how Axis regimes came to power and the resultant tragedy of WWII. To this day he is an avid reader of European History.

While with IBM (and later when the same division was sold to Eastman Kodak), he was in sales, marketing and eventually sales management. When he and his wife, Anne, moved to Durham, NH in 1977 it was their 13th move in 13 years and he clearly got the message that Durham would be the last stop on the treadmill. New Hampshire was the right decision.

Knightly then asked Frank to engage a business consultant to implement the necessary changes to re-focus the company from residential to commercial. It seemed a simple concept that it would take as much effort to convince a homeowner to spend $10,000 as it would require winning a $50,000 contract with a General Contractor. The challenge was gaining the commitment of sales and setting up the operations group to handle the workload demands.

Frank has worked diligently the past three years on helping a small company grow more successful. He is also a very active member of the ABC NH/VT and serves on the Excellence in Construction Committee.

“It sure beats sitting on the deck at my camp in Maine and watching lobster boats for more than a few days.” Frank often muses.

We at EnviroVantage are proud to salute Frank and share his story and many of our dedicated employees that go beyond that help make our business greatly successful. Kudos to you Frank on a job well done.

About EnviroVantage

EnviroVantage, Inc. is a regional leader in the safe handling and removal of hazardous materials (including lead paint, asbestos, and mold) found at building sites on projects requiring renovation, demolition, or historic reconstruction. EnviroVantage created the standard procedures for lead paint removal and staffs experts on every major contaminant found in buildings. Information about EnviroVantage, including its new training center, can be found at www.envirovantage.com.

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