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Project: Landmark College – Aiken Hall
Location: Putney, VT


Aiken Hall was one of the original residence halls when Landmark College first opened its doors in 1985. It was named after the former Vermont Governor and U.S. Senator, George Aiken, and for the past 24 years, many students have studied, slept and socialized under its roof. But to no surprise, time has taken its toll on the condition of the building. Though the core of the building remains strong, the college decided it was time to update the building with a fresh new design that meets the standards of today.

Landmark College brought in Bread Loaf Corporation of Middlebury, VT to take on this major renovation project. Bread Loaf in turn confidently selected EnviroVantage to take on the challenge of bringing down the roof and chimneys. The project had a tight timeline requring the roof removal to be started and finished during the week of the students Spring Break.


Ready to execute the project, EnviroVantage crews set up the proper fall arrest systems before beginning to remove all of the slate shingles, roofing paper, wood roof decking, screened louvers and framing at the ends of the building, copper fascia metals, metal flashing along with all fasteners, connectors and bolts. The EV team continued through the rainy weather by prepping and cutting the roof into sections. It took about 4 days utilizing a crane to safely remove the roof sheathing, framing and truss work. The roof sections were then dismantled, recycled and resold by Renew Salvage of Brattleboro, VT.


At the end of the week, EnviroVantage successfully removed 2 full length chimneys from the residence hall and thoroughly cleaned up all demolition debris from around the perimeter of the building. We salvaged as much as possible and effectively met our promise of completing our part of the project on time and on budget. By the time the students returned from Spring Break, Bread Loaf had the green light to begin the next phase, which was the addition of a 3rd floor. The remainder of the project will continue throughout the summer.

When the students return at the start of another school year, the building will offer 32 double room suites and 16 single room suites, all of which have semi-private bathrooms. The basement level will include a lounge area, catering kitchen, study room, fitness center and laundry facilities and there will be elevator access to all floors. The Aiken Hall project is scheduled for completion in August of 2009.