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(via NHNPR)

The prison at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is located on an active-duty Navy shipyard that overhauls nuclear submarines and is available for lease to developers. The Associated Press / 2008 photo

The US Navy will offer for lease the former Naval Prison on the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard.

The Navy has twice before sought private-sector redevelopment of the old Naval Prison, which closed in 1974.  It was built in 1908, and has been called the “Alcatraz of the East.”

The medieval-looking multi-story building is 265,000 square feet and has 11 and a half acres of waterfront land.

The new tenant would be responsible for ensuring structural stability in the now-dilapidated building, and cleaning up hazardous waste, including asbestos and lead paint.

Interested tenants can learn more in early April at a scheduled forum in Eliot, Maine. A formal RFQ, or bidding process, will begin thereafter.  More information on the building and forum is available on the Navy website.