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Londergan Hall
Concord, NH


Londergan Hall, accommodating the New Hampshire Department of Education, suffered from unhealthy windows and hazardous sashes. EnviroVantage experts were called to the rescue!


The yellow shirted crews brought their knowledge and skills

to the job site and began the process of asbestos abatement in the caulking around the windows. The workers began the safe removal of lead paint on the window sashes and performed intense custom trim work.

Major Challenge

For such a large scale customization, EnviroVantage utilized 65’ lifts in order to reach every window. Employees wore protective Tyvek suits and masks and properly contained the dangerous work areas. Lead paint removal and asbestos abatement were effectively completed and the windows were carefully prepared for replacement.


EnviroVantage successfully replaced 235 windows making Londergan Hall a healthy structure in good physical shape.