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The Old North Church (1723)
Boston, MA


Few historic landmarks stand as tall in the national consciousness as Boston’s Old North Church, from whose steeple two lanterns once signaled the start of the American Revolution, and in whose pulpit President Ford stood 200 years later to begin America’s Bicentennial celebration. Ensuring the building’s future is paramount to the Parish Council and Church Corporation, whose restoration plans include extensive environmental cleanup.


EnviroVantage performed lead paint abatement on virtually all the exterior wood surfaces, including the soffits, window frames, and dentil moldings. Every piece of wood below the steeple was painstakingly cleaned, restored when necessary, and repainted.

Major Challenge

Maintaining public safety and schedules. The Old North Church is located in Boston’s North End, a tight neighborhood where there is little room to park or stage work areas, and where the proximity of residents necessitates the strictest safety procedures. Each window and molding had to be carefully contained to ensure not only that church activities could continue, but also that the neighborhood was protected from toxic dust.


EnviroVantage adapted procedures specifically for this project that resulted in the development of unprecedented safety standards for the historic restoration industry. Its work helped the church to live on into its fourth century.