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Source: AGC of MA

As construction companies struggle to regain a footing in a hyper-sensitive construction market and seek out new projects to rebound from the Great Recession, remember OSHA’s new strategic plan. They are moving forward to make safety a priority, so take note. For contractors looking to expand into new markets, streamline their operations and make their firm profitable, my advice is to be alert and don’t overlook safety. OSHA’s new emphasis on enforcement needs to be included in your efforts to acquire new business.

In this economic climate, securing business is paramount. However, this mindset to survive should not be at the expense of safety. Many companies have safety plans, operate accordingly and have never been cited. So why worry about OSHA? Here’s why:

  • Inspections will increase under the new OSHA administration
  • Additional inspectors have been hired, topping 40,000 nationwide in FY 2010
  • New inspectors represent expanded tougher oversight levels not seen before in the U.S.!

If these changes don’t make you rethink your company safety program and how your company looks at safety, think again. The hiring of 110 new inspectors throughout New England beginning in 2011 should make you take notice and increase your risk of an inspection visit. Plus, inspectors will be trained to first look into your recordkeeping logs going back 5 years. These inspectors will take a hard look at environmental issues and material safety data sheets of all materials on site. In this economy, one violation could put a dent in your profit margin.