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Scott Sansoucie joined EnviroVantage in 1992 and was the firm’s first full time employee after founder Scott Knightly. Initially, Sansoucie was responsible for project management, and along with Knightly, was instrumental in growing the business. He earned his various state licenses and certifications as they were introduced and went on to manage all field operations before being named Vice President of Operations in 2005. Scott is still a hands-on executive, personally managing several key EnviroVantage accounts.

Scott served four years in the United States Air Force where he earned the nickname “Soupy” as he served as a cook whose only skill was heating up canned soup.

In his spare time, Scott is an avid softball player as a member of various leagues, playing several nights a week, coast to coast.

EnviroVantage recently honored Scott Sansoucie for 20 years of outstanding commitment. He has been a real asset to the company every step of the way. “Soupy carries great knowledge and experience and his many years of commitment to the company is greatly appreciated,” stated Knightly.