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Southern New Hampshire Medical Center
Nashua, NH


Southern New Hampshire Medical Center Became Nashua’s first fully staffed and equipped hospital offering only 25 beds-it first opened to the public in the year 1898. Today, the hospital is a thriving and sophisticated health system providing essential care across many generations. This project entails demolition, cleanup, and remodeling throughout the facility.


EnviroVantage offers expertise in many different kinds of industry specific projects including healthcare. EV professionals took on project requirements such as demolishing the entire cafeteria, removing brick, removing floor and ceiling tiles, and demolishing 12 offices in the Pediatrics wing located on the 4th floor.

Major Challenge

Working proficiently while the hospital still ran normal hours of operation. EnviroVantage achieved proper containment using negative air to make sure all surroundings were safe so the hospital staff, patients and the public could continue their normal daily activities. Employees gutted the rooms from the floors to the ceilings and recycled everything.


Green building and sustainability are very important to EnviroVantage and we take pride in our environmental clean up work and recycling. We will continue to work as efficient as possible until the medical center’s scheduled completion date in 2009.