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Scott Knightly, EnviroVantage Founder and President, started the award-winning Environmental Specialty & Demolition Contracting Company while a junior at the University of New Hampshire in 1984. Due to his forerunning hazardous materials experience and knowledge, Scott was instrumental in writing policies and procedures that were adopted as New Hampshire State Regulations during his time on the Senate Sub-Committee. Scott continued his pioneering efforts by sitting on both the State of New Hampshire Asbestos Advisory Board and the State of New Hampshire Lead Advisory Board while growing EnviroVantage nationally and impacting the Abatement, Remediation & Demolition industry internationally. With EnviroVantage offices in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, Scott directs the EnviroVantage Team projects across the United States. As the 2017-2018 President of the National Demolition Association, Scott caps a career total of over 25 years on the boards of the NDA, ABC, NHAAB, NHLAB and as the Legislative Liaison to Washington DC.