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The Brown School
Manchester, NH

The city of Manchester contains an abundance of old buildings, many of which have fallen into disuse or simply have been abandoned. In response to the shortage of affordable housing for the elderly, the Manchester Housing and Redevelopment Authority chose to convert The Brown School (a city owned elementary

school) into an apartment building. EnviroVantage partnered with North Branch Construction to tackle the project requirements.


EnviroVantage performed the environmental cleanup and selective demolition needed as part of the conversion. We preformed lead paint removal inside and outside of the Brown School. The EnviroVantage team also had to remove Asbestos floor tiles and asbestos pipe wrap. Pcb’s and mercury were found and removed and floor cleaning and prep was accomplished as well. The industrial cleanup also required the removal of desks, chairs, bathrooms, ceiling debris, lighting and more as a result of the building being closed for multiple New England winters. Finally, concrete saw cutting was performed to enable the installation of windows for each unit.

Major Challenge

This project included many different aspects of cleanup and demolition which required multiple licenses and experience in multiple disciplines. EnviroVantage paid special attention to scheduling the appropriate cross trained workers to get the job done safely, regardless of the hazards uncovered throughout the cleanup and demolition processes.


Today, Manchester Housing has a wonderful 34 unit apartment building-all from a dismal old brick school house filled with environmental issues that many in the area may have considered a parking lot as an improvement.