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The Exeter Inn opened in 1932, a Southern New Hampshire Grand Inn, near the campus of Phillips Exeter Academy and the Exeter architectural treasures like the American Independence Museum. Over the next half century, the Inn was a key landmark in the town that is credited for the birth of the Republican Party. Sadly, it lost some of its prestige as it aged. In 2006, Haycreek Hospitality

purchased the historic structure and immediately began planning the fresh makeover of the famed Inn.

One of the renovation objectives was to retain the best features of the old while bringing in more modern accouterments to its new patrons. EnviroVantage’s demolition plan included the main lobby, restaurant/bar area and ceilings, along with necessary asbestos abatement. The job was to take down each of the wonderful old wooden pieces, but ensure that the wood was not damaged so that they could be refinished and restored to the new bar and dining room. Whether it was crown molding, hand crafted trim on the cabinets, or the woodwork that was the elegant old bar, EnviroVantage specialists were able to provide the carpenters the material to restore the rooms to their original exquisiteness.

Major Challenge

In the abatement and demolition business, EnviroVantage is accustomed to being the “first in, first out” on most projects. Normally, employees work in containment with masks and Tyvek suits for protection, while most other trades and contractors do not. At the Exeter Inn, EnviroVantage worked along side the other trades including electricians, plumbers and carpenters. They were called in as needed throughout each aspect of this intricate project. Never before had EnviroVantage been asked to perform “Demolition on Demand.”


The old jewels shine again! The Inn’s original architectural details have been preserved & restored while modern amenities have been incorporated including state-of-the art technology throughout. The Exeter Inn and Epoch Restaurant and Bar officially welcome the public into a vibrant, welcoming destination.