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Thompson House
Phillips Exeter Academy
Exeter, NH

Over the winter Thompson House, a faculty residence at Phillips Exeter Academy, was vacant. Due to the extreme weather conditions, frozen pipes within the building went unnoticed causing severe flooding in the basement and first floor. The wet conditions caused a great deal of damage and with warmer weather on its way, mold also became an issue. Phillips Exeter Academy was faced with

the choice to demolish the entire house and build a whole new structure,or to remediate the mold, gut the insides and then rebuild. They chose to maintain the classic facade and confidently selected EnviroVantage to ensure that the hazardous materials would be completely eliminated.


The project entailed pumping all of the flood water out of the basement, demolition of all existing ceilings and walls on the first floor, and the removal of all kitchen cabinets. EnviroVantage also completed two layer abatement of asbestos floor tile and then the whole building was dried completely followed by intense microbial treatments.


Phillips Exeter Academy is very aggressive in maintaining their property, ensuring that the students and faculty have a secure environment and the school its valuable assets. EnviroVantage fully restored Thompson House and it is now safely in compliance with today’s building standards.