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Tonya Knightly joined EnviroVantage in 1998 as its principal accountant and soon began managing other functions, including specifying the unique requirements of the construction software that would grow with the company — tracking the work of temporary employees, managing a growing staff payroll, billing, and tracking general contractor retainage across several years.

In 1998, in her role at the company originally known as LeadSource, Tonya performed payroll runctions for about 10 employees, tracked expenses for five or six projects at a time and ensured the company revenue was received from a mostly residential customer set.

Today, the company employs over 40 fulltime, may have as many as 20 projects active and is primarily engaged in commercial work with general contractors. Tonya’s role has changed and is vastly more demanding. In 2006, Tonya was elevated to the position of Chief Financial Officer ensuring that EnviroVantage maintained focus on all the financial aspects of the business, allowing the company to better reach its profit target and financial goals.

Today, Tonya manages the accounting team and provides the expertise needed to ensure optimal customer relations with the banking community, manages the firm’s increasing credit lines, assists in collections, and provides requisite financial reporting to the executive staff. She has degrees from Macintosh College (Accounting) and the University of New Hampshire.

Tonya’s energy level is boundless, from raising two school age children, to actively working with Northeast Passage, a UNH sponsored foundation that provides for education through a plethora of outdoor activities to physically challenged children and adults. Winter skiing, summer water skiing and fall biking are just a few of the activities that Tonya willingly gives her time to.

Tonya is married to EnviroVantage President Scott Knightly; they have two children and live in Durham, New Hampshire, where Tonya is active in community affairs.

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About EnviroVantage

EnviroVantage, Inc. is a regional leader in the safe handling and removal of hazardous materials (including lead paint, asbestos, and mold) found at building sites on projects requiring renovation, demolition, or historic reconstruction. EnviroVantage created the standard procedures for lead paint removal and staffs experts on every major contaminant found in buildings. Information about EnviroVantage, including its new training center, can be found at www.envirovantage.com.