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Envirovantage Vision and Mission

Vision & Mission


We strive to be a one stop resource for all of environmental needs.


With time has come wisdom and with wisdom has come the knowledge that we can, must and will have multiple goals that we need to achieve as a company.  To this end, ……..

  • To our employees, we pledge to recognize the importance of safety and health. We are committed to providing a workplace for our employees in which recognized hazards are controlled or eliminated. The safety and health of all employees of the EnviroVantage Inc, is the top priority.  We also pledge to create a work place where they can flourish, grow, have a sense of “work family” and be fairly compensated.
  • To our customers we pledge to establish lasting relationships by exceeding their expectations and gaining their trust in us to deliver the highest level of quality work at competitive prices. Our clients count on our commitment to safety, dependability, honesty and integrity. Their priorities become our priorities because their success is our goal.
  • To our industry we pledge to continue to lead them in environmental clean-up with our innovative strategies, exceptional performance, and superior customer service. We will also continue to have our team members serve on boards and committees to support industry goals.
  • To our environment we pledge to friendly and conscious of the effect that the materials that we handle may affect people, places and things. We are in a position to make an impact and we will by properly containing and disposing of the materials that may cause problem
  • To our community, we pledge to be a good citizen by being aware and involved. This will start at the top with the company being a partner where we can make a difference and extend all the way through our employee ranks as we encourage and support them to give back within their individual communities.


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