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Woven Label Mill
Claremont, NH

The downtown Historic Mill District along Sugar River in Claremont, NH is undergoing major renovations to convert the structures into the future homes of several new businesses to the city. The Monadnock Mills produced fine textiles for almost 100 years and are known as one of the most complete and best preserved 19th century textile complexes in New Hampshire.

EnviroVantage proudly comes to the rescue of the Woven Label Building to rehabilitate the unhealthy old textile mill in preparation for conversion into a refreshing new Common Man Restaurant. Along with the up and coming 200-seat restaurant, which will feature an outdoor terrace with views of the falls, this mill will also offer conference rooms convenient for business travelers. A 36 room Common Man Inn will soon occupy the mill adjacent to the Restaurant.


The Woven Label Mill was constructed in 1909 and used to be known as the Weave Shed because it was used to house 65 looms for weaving bedspreads. EnviroVantage will save a few of those looms to be put on display in the new restaurant. The mill contains hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead paint. EnviroVantage experts are currently in the process of carefully performing asbestos abatement, heavy sandblasting to eliminate the lead paint and properly executing the demolition necessary to prepare the mill for reconstruction.


EnviroVantage has taken part in preserving and restoring many historic mills over the past two decades and is happy to be able to assist the city of Claremont in revitalizing their community. This project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2009.