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York Mills
Saco, ME

Part of New England’s manufacturing heritage, the first of the seven York Mills of Saco, ME was built in 1829 on an island between Saco and Biddeford. The others were completed over the next couple of decades. When the textile industry moved south in 1958, the York Mills closed; since that time the buildings have housed a series of ventures including

a community college. This project entails a redevelopment effort to combine mixed land uses, safe and convenient housing, attractive development that respects culture, history and local geography as well as the preservation of critical environmental areas.


The role of EnviroVantage was to perform the initial environmental cleanup of buildings 3 and 7 with attention to additional buildings being considered. The EV crew brought to the table not only the necessary selective demolition and sandblasting skills with teams appreciating the value of the old hard maple floors, bricks and stairwells, but the ability to perform cleanup of debris as needed-without impacting the aggressive schedule planned.

Major Challenge

The need to design, select and then install almost 700 windows in openings up to 16′ in height. With the owner/developer, we went through several tests before the final selection was made-a window that appeared like it belonged to the traditional Maine Coast architecture, but incorporated with today’s efficiency.


EnviroVantage successfully accomplished the environmental cleanup of the historic mill buildings and are currently finishing up the window installations. The rest of the redevelopment is still in progress and updates will be posted in the near future.