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EnviroVantage is an established, highly trusted national and regional contractor that provides mold removal services in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. As an industry leader with more than 35 years of award-winning experience, we have the knowledge, expertise, and certifications to take on any mold removal project, no matter the size. Our services include:


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Mold Removal Services Areas: NH, MA, and ME

EnviroVantage provides residential mold removal services in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine. Please call 1-800-640-5323 for more information or to get a quote

Why is there mold in my home?

Mold is a naturally-occurring fungi found all around us, both indoors and out. If you have elevated levels of mold growth within your home, it’s likely due to excess moisture, which can be caused by water intrusion, unregulated humidity, poor ventilation, and improperly venting fans. Our staff is trained to help identify why mold may be occurring and provide guidance on risk reduction strategies.

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Here’s the process we use to return your home to a normal ecology:


  • Identify and locate the source that allowed the mold to grow in the first place.
  • Form a detailed strategy by identifying the necessary steps to correct the issue, materials that are needed for removal or sanitation, and methods of reducing the risk of future mold growth.
  • Remove the mold through one of our numerous methods, such as:
    ·      Eliminating impacted materials
    ·      Using chemicals and dry ice treatments
    ·      Dehumidification
    ·      Using hydroxyl generators
    ·      Applying mold-resistant coatings
  • Provide an independent verification process to prove the work was successful. We can hire an independent mold investigator, otherwise known as a hygienist, who can perform post-remediation verification. This provides us with a visual assessment of the work zone, as well as air and surface samples.

What We Offer

If you have visible signs of mold growth, we can help. We’ll provide a professional, comprehensive approach, successfully remove the mold, and employ risk reduction strategies so the mold won’t return. If you believe you have a mold problem but nothing is visible, we have a network of mold investigators ready to assist — and if you do have a mold issue, we can restore your home to the comfortable, healthy space you and your family deserve.

Mold Removal Certifications

We are 100% invested in the knowledge, training, and certification of our employees. Our industry-leading experts will help educate you on why mold might be occurring, offer solutions to solve the problem, and ultimately eliminate the mold.


Is Mold Dangerous?

Yes. Certain mold spores — especially those with an elevated concentration — have been found to cause health problems such as a runny or blocked nose, watery or red eyes, a dry cough, skin rashes, a sore throat, sinusitis, wheezing, asthma, and/or pneumonia.

Where can you commonly find mold in homes?


Mold on the roof sheathing and rafters is usually a result of poor ventilation, improperly venting fans, insufficient insulation, or a combination of these factors. Our team will determine why the mold is happening, what treatment is best, and what you need to do to reduce the risk of it returning.



All basements should have a self-draining dehumidifier that’s capable of maintaining a relative humidity of 35-50%. Consistent humidity above 60% will result in mold growth on wood, paper, leather, and other organic materials.

Living Levels

Building codes require homes to be more energy-efficient. This means tighter building envelops, which can trap excess moisture. We have seen hundreds of examples of mold growth as a result of home improvement. Call us if you are starting to see mold growth in your living space.

living level mold

Air Ducts

Keep your air ducts clean with our NADCA certified technicians. We offer high-quality Air Duct Services including cleaning, inspections, and investigations.

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