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Mold Remediation

Free Download: The Standard of Care for NH Mold Industry: A Guide for Citizens Affected by Mold and Moisture in New Hampshire Buildings by The American Lung Association

Mold can grow even in the Residential Mold Images
cleanest of homes and buildings.

Ask Yourself:

• Is there a musty smell? • Is there a discoloration that looks like a stain on the walls or ceilings? • Is your attic discolored? Have you had ice dams? • Have you had a water intrusion that has left an area damp? If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you may have a mold problem. Have no fear…EnviroVantage is here to help!

What is “mold”?

Molds are naturally occurring fungi found all around us, indoors and out. It is important to understand that moisture is the problem and mold is the result.

Why should you remove mold?

The purpose of mold remediation is to stop the growth of mold and mildew caused by the interaction of the spores with moisture and a food source. Mold is not regulated, but we go above and beyond in building our containments around the problem areas to prevent spores from spreading. We remove all affected areas where materials have been compromised. In addition, EnviroVantage uses HEPA vacuums to clean the air. Finally, the area is chemically treated to kill any spores you cannot see with the naked eye. Anti-microbial sealer, a preventative measure, may be applied if the customer desires. Mold decreases property value, infects the air you breathe and can cause a variety of health problems.

What is the process of mold

EnviroVantage tackles the problem in steps…
1. Identify and locate the water intrusion and/or causative moisture source that allowed the mold growth in the first place. 2. EnviroVantage has the tools such as infrared cameras as well as the ability to moisture map, to determine the scope of the mold problem and establish the most effective technique to correct it. 3. Correct the source of the problem which creates a comprehensive protocol to ensure that the source of the mold will not return. 4. Determine the best method to decontaminate the entire area and follow the prescribed procedures. EnviroVantage offers many methods to aid in the relief from floods, water damage and to eliminate mold/microbials, including:

  • the treatment of new building materials at construction sites
  • chemical treating
  • ice blasting
  • drainage sloping
  • installation of sump pumps
  • dehumidification/air exchangers
  • roof/attic ventilation

No project is the same and each requires careful examination to solve the moisture source and remediate the mold problem.

Why choose EnviroVantage?

If your home has been flooded or sustained any type of water damage, call EnviroVantage and we will come to the rescue. Homeowners have counted on us for safe, professional mold remediation for 30 years. We have the knowledge to do the job right and we have the technology to keep you informed every step of the way. You will often see an EnviroVantage employee with a tablet in the field giving an update on the spot! Your family deserves a healthy home. Contact EnviroVantage for your next mold removal project today and you’ll be glad you did.