Self-Performing Small Business

NAICS Codes: 562910, 236210, 236220, 237990


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2023 EMR

30 M USD

Single Limit Bonding Capacity

One Stop for All Your Site Prep

EnviroVantage Self-Performs

Abatement & Waste Stream Management

Asbestos Abatement, PCBs, PFAS, RCRA-8 Metals, and more.


Demolition & Disposal

Select and structural demolition using company-owned and specialized equipment for clean C&D and hazardous building waste.


Site Restoration and Remediation

We perform site restoration including clearing and grubbing, excavation, erosion control, backfill, and seeding.

Soil & groundwater remediation includes treatments, filtration, and or removal of impacted soil or groundwater.


Historical Restoration

EnviroVantage has performed abatement and restoration on historical and community icons since 1985.

Disaster Recovery and Debris Management

EnviroVantage maintains licensing throughout the US Virgin Islands & Puerto Rico and is well positioned to support all Caribbean recovery efforts.

Government & Public Projects

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EnviroVantage has established multiple Small Business Joint Ventures for Federal contracting

and is a participant in the federal mentor-protégé program.

Credere EnviroVantage II, LLC

SBA-certified 8(a) Woman-Owned Small Business Joint Venture

Credere EnviroVantage II Capabilities
Credere EnviroVantage II LLC

Minto EnviroVantage, LLC

SBA-certified 8(a) Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) Joint Venture

Minto EnviroVantage Capabilities
Minto EnviroVantage LLC

EnviroVantage Caribbean, LLC

Woman-Owned Small Business Joint Venture

EnviroVantage Caribbean Capabilities
EnviroVantage Caribbean LLC