EnviroVantage Brokk operator and Brokk performing demolition on pier

Robotic Demolition - BROKK

EnviroVantage’s Brokk equipment offers:

  • lightweight versatility for demolition
  • accessibility in restricted spaces and hazardous work areas
  • energy-effective engines
  • remote control, insuring operator safety

In this tight labor market, project schedules don’t suffer

Each Brokk does the work of a 10-person crew

The Brokk 100 is 1 machine with 1 operator that can crush, dig, shear, and hammer – capable of breaking a 12” concrete wall

The Brokk 200 offers the same benefits of the 100, but packs the power of a 3-ton Brokk machine into a 2-ton package.

NLB Hydroblast with flooring partially removed

Flooring Demolition - NLB Hydroblast

Our NLB Hydroblast is an exciting piece of hydro-demolition equipment that allows us to lift and clean-up flooring mastic in one sweep without the use of harmful chemicals.

  • 4,000 PSI to 40,000 PSI
  • Hazardous coatings removal that does not require full containment
  • Asbestos mastic removal
  • Surface preparation – concrete scarifying
  • 4,000 to 5,000 sq ft of production per day
  • No chemicals used


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Excavators for Demolition and Specialized Attachments

EnviroVantage has a fleet of excavators to mobilize to any demolition site.

Our high reach excavators have a reach capability of 76’ and OilQuick hydraulic attachments to smoothly transition between work tasks.

Hydraulic Attachments:

  • 48” severe duty bucket
  • Genesis shear and grapple
  • Gorilla hammer

Our excavators have specialty attachments that allow them to be used as on-site concrete processing equipment. This creates an opportunity for concrete recycling on-site and reduces cost of material handling off-site.

Concrete Crushing Excavator Attachments:

  • Fortress Concrete Processor
  • Quest Pulverizer
three EnviroVantage excavators on project site
SHERPA equipment on site

Keeping Your Site Clean

Our fleet of SHERPA eco100’s Skid Steers bring a new level of efficiency to demolition projects and site ‘housekeeping’.

  • Indoor or Outdoor Use (fit through standard door opening)
  • Battery powered – ZERO emissions on-site
  • Attachments include bucket, grapple, forks, hydraulic hammers, and suction cup with pump.

We improve crew safety and reduce load times with these specialty SHERPAs.

Wheeled Excavators for Exceptional Mobility

Volvo EW180D Mobile Excavators

The Volvo 180 is a versatile equipment choice for demolition. This wheeled excavator is capable of pulling its own trailer of quick release attachments to work areas for easy pivoting of demolition activities and a major schedule efficiency on project sites with multiple work areas.

Attachments for Volve EW180D

  • Clam Shell Grapple
  • Hammer/Breaker
  • 60” Tilt Grade Bucket
  • 36” Digging Bucket
  • 18” Trench Bucket
  • CC 1500v Compactor/Paver
EnviroVantage Volvo Wheeled Excavator with Trailer of Attachments
bobcat skid steer on a pier next to a crane and barge

Bobcat Skid Steers

A necessity for major abatement and demolition projects, our fleet of Bobcat Skid Steers stay busy.

  • Bobcat T590 Tracked Skid Steers
  • Bobcat S185 Skid Steer Loaders
  • Bobcat S70 Skid Steer Loaders

Here is a photo of one of our Bobcats at an on-island demolition project. This Bobcat was dedicated to loading the waste barge off the pier with concrete material.