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First and Forty, to a Banner Year

Preston and Knightly 2023

First and Forty adds up to a championship team for EnviroVantage. The combination of Knightly/Preston is destined to take EnviroVantage from excellence to “the Greatest of All Time”. Scott Knightly, the CEO and Founder of EnviroVantage, incorporated his business in 1985, and over the past four decades has led the award-winning company to its prominent position in the industry. The countdown to EnviroVantage’s 40th anniversary has officially begun.

The start of this year marks a landmark occasion all its own with the first anniversary of EnviroVantage’s new President, Matt Preston. Preston was internally announced as the second-ever President of EnviroVantage in January last year, assuming the reins from Knightly, who stepped into the role of CEO and technical consultant. Knightly is a respected industry member and is continuing to provide his expertise and innovation to EnviroVantage, while making room for a new generation of industry leaders to make their mark.

Preston joined the EnviroVantage team in 2017, as a part of their business development team at the same time he received his Master’s in Business Administration at the University of New Hampshire. He quickly established himself as a natural leader and idea man.

EnviroVantage has expanded its geographical footprint and service lines throughout its history, but a new period of growth took off with Preston’s guidance in business development. The company has been a federal contractor for over 25 years, particularly working with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and the Naval Facilities Engineering Systems Command (NAVFAC). Since Preston joined and focused on expanding those relationships and building new federal experience, EnviroVantage has taken on federal projects all over New England and the Mid-Atlantic, in addition to projects in the South, the Midwest, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Preston’s appointment to President underscores a shared vision between himself and Scott Knightly; a vision for EnviroVantage to continue its culture of safety, teamwork, and innovation and to become an industry leader in performance and training. EnviroVantage veterans and industry experts are moving the company forward under Preston’s leadership and Knightly’s legacy to build on the company’s successes and have their 40th year in business be their strongest year yet.

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