EnviroVantage prepared facility demolition work plans including a waste management plan detailing planned recycling and disposal of hazardous material, a QC plan detailing testing and reporting. This was a complex abatement and demolition of seven wood and masonry structures totaling 232,000 SF. A portion of a building built on piers over a river required additional environmental controls including boom nets, a long reach excavator and safety considerations to remove the wooden structure. The concrete deck over the piers was cut and removed in sections. Site restoration included grading the site to allow non-erosive water flow, paving, and landscaping. Abatement included asbestos flooring, mastic, piping, roof flashing, window glazing, transite panel removal on the interior of an elevator shaft. Demolition included wood and masonry structures.


Town of Wilton, ME


Demolition and Abatement


Wilton, ME

Project Statistics



371 +

Recycled Tons of Steel

57000 +

Recycled Linear Feet Wood


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