Leveraging Technology to Maximize Our On-Site Efficiency

Our technical crews train and operate every day with our advanced equipment. We service and maintain our own machines, which plays an integral role in completing projects for our clients. These machines increase safety and expedite the schedule across the board.

From flooring and concrete removal to interior and exterior work, we have the experienced demolition crews to support all markets we serve.

  • What We Offer
    We bring our own equipment to a job site, and we design our work plans with an emphasis on increasing safety for all trades while expediting schedules.
  • We mobilize technical crews that power these advanced machines every day. We don't rent the equipment — we own it. We get in, execute a job safely and efficiently, and move on to our next project.


Hyrdroblast Showcase

Do you have a large flooring project in a shopping center, warehouse, school, office space, or hotel? We can accomplish 4,000-5,000 square feet of mastic and/or glue removal per day. Plus, this doesn’t introduce any chemicals so it won’t impact the warranty of your floor.

Up to 40,000 pounds per square inch (PSI) will give you the surface prep you’re looking for.


Brokk Showcase

  • A remote-controlled, energy-efficient tool that produces zero emissions
  • Ideal for occupied spaces
  • Reduces labor while enhancing safety Climbs stairs and fits in elevators
  • Multiple attachments including a hammer, grapple and shear
  • Looking for help with an interior demolition project that needs to get done quickly? Our BroKK team will deliver tremendous power and efficiency. This piece of equipment moves easily inside buildings, does not have emissions, and doesn’t slow down.

Find out what we can do to help with your project.