Decommissioning, Dismantling, Deconstruction & Decontamination

We’re a demolition sub-contractor with the same high standards we hold for ourselves in the environmental services world.

For the past several years, we have been investing heavily in our own heavy equipment and robotic and hydro demolition tools, along with training for our team.

Our entire fleet is outfitted with demolition packages and hydraulic connection heads so operators can easily pick the right attachment for the job.

With cross-trained crews, we can take care of the environmental work and help consolidate your schedule safely and with less sub-contractors on your site. So why not let us handle your demolition, too?

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  • What We Offer
    We provide the ability and scale to plan. We're able to execute and manage demolition projects ranging from interior renovation and roof work to building separations, complete structural takedown, and site restoration. We bring new equipment, skilled operators, and a safety-first culture to our job sites every day.
  • We continually invest in new technology, equipment, and enhanced safety and skill development of our workforce through our recently completed construction training center.

Quick Facts

  • We service the following markets: state and municipal governments, education, healthcare, pharmaceutical, industrial/manufacturing, and private development
  • We offer a strong in-house pre-construction/estimating team with on-screen take-offs that provide accurate quantities
  • Our experienced technical leads walk all jobs we bid and collaborate on bid day
  • We employ experienced heavy equipment operators and project managers who efficiently execute the work plan
  • Technology-driven workflows from job site to office keep us on track
Service Details
From flooring and concrete removal to interior and exterior work, we have the experienced demolition crews to support all markets we serve.
Service Details
We pride ourselves on leveraging technology to make our work more efficient while increasing safety across the board on all select demolition projects.
Service Details
Our structural takedown experience includes hands-on work with concrete, steel, and brick building separations and dismantling projects.
Service Details


We’d be happy to answer them — and talk about how EnviroVantage can support your next abatement, demolition, or remediation project.