Equipment, Hand Tools & Trained Skilled Labor

Our crews have the capability to perform many types of selective demolition, including:

  • Roof removal/repair
  • Flooring
  • Ceilings
  • Wall removals
  • MEPs
  • Concrete-cutting for both interior and exterior work

Safe & Efficient Work

We pride ourselves on leveraging technology to make our work more efficient while increasing safety across the board on all select demolition projects.

Our pre-construction and strong technical leads are a perfect complement to your design-build teams for renovation, re-configuration, facility expansion, or year-end maintenance projects.

Our work force is Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)-trained, and we have extensive experience maintaining negative air flow within a building envelope. We understand the need for sensitivity and a proper execution strategy when working in occupied spaces. We have worked with healthcare facility engineers, general contractors, and consultants to design and execute successful select demolition projects.

  • What We Offer
    We have the experience, technology, and equipment to partner with you and get the job done safely.
  • We a large, flexible workforce that we can scale up or down to accommodate almost any project schedule. Our crews are cross-trained and licensed in environmental services and have the capability to identify and remove hazardous building materials.

Markets Serviced

Working on a school project?

Our team can scale to meet your end-of-year timeline on major adaptation projects. Our flooring team and hydro-blast equipment can achieve 4,000-5,000 square feet of mastic removal per day.

Have a hospital renovation or reconfiguration project on your hands?

Our healthcare team is ICRA trained and experienced in performing select demolition in sensitive, occupied spaces. Our robotic demolition tools are perfect for reducing risk and consolidating schedules. You could also think about pairing a select demolition project with our environmental team. Many of our crews are cross-trained in first aid/CPR/blood borne pathogens, asbestos, lead and heavy metal cleanup, and other HAZMAT material removal.

Are you representing an industrial or manufacturing client who is planning a decommissioning or expansion project?

Our select demolition team is trained in the following services and capabilities:

  • Welding/cutting
  • Excavation/trenching/shoring
  • Arial work platforms
  • Ladder/scaffolding and rigging

We can bring in our advanced equipment to combine any select demolition project with a structural takedown component.

And if you think you have environmental risks or exposures on your project, we can help. We’re licensed and prepared to handle the most complex cleanup projects intertwined with your demolition. You can learn more in our environmental section.

Do you have a commercial project that’s either state or municipal funded?
How about a private development job, such as a hotel, large office, or apartment complex?

Our workforce is set up to mobilize quickly and can also be positioned to service multi-phased projects over longer periods of time. Either by floor, or by building, we will work with you up front to give you the best option and pricing possible for your schedule. The more we know, the more we can help.

Find out what we can do to help with your project.