Qualified & Experienced

We have more than 35 years experience removing asbestos-containing materials (ACM) of many different forms across numerous military installations and bases.

In 2019 and 2020, we worked and removed asbestos as a prime, subcontractor, and joint-venture partner for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), the Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC), the Army National Guard, and the Veterans Affairs (VA).

  • What We Offer
    We are by the book. Our compliance and safety teams ensure that our work is prepared and executed according to both state and federal regulations. We are also committed to providing enhanced worker safety and accurate handling and disposal of all ACM.
  • We leverage technology and creativity whenever possible in our abatement process. Our flexible workforce has the ability to increase scale quickly to accommodate any production schedule. Our abatement and remediation crews are cross-trained in demolition, and we own heavy equipment.

Reasons to Partner With EnviroVantage

  • Strong crews with the necessary badging to work on military bases
  • The knowledge to get the work done, including the ability to work off-hours
  • Our ability to leverage technology and new methods of abatement and cleaning
  • Our understanding of the different impacts on production rates per abatement/demo task – and accurately bids

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