The Dover High School and Regional Career Technical Center had been standing at its Durham Road location since 1967.  Situated near downtown Dover and the Bellamy River, the 44-acre campus is home to more than 1,600 students.

In 2016, a construction project began on the 302,000-square-foot building with the hopes of demolishing the structure and building a brand new high school. As part of this massive undertaking, our crews were called to not only demolish the entire school, but to also perform a full asbestos abatement and remediation beforehand.

Using an excavator, we first removed two boilers before eliminating all traces of asbestos and hazardous materials.  Once the full demolition was complete, we were able to salvage and recycle safe materials from most of the school.


Dover High School and Regional Career Technical Center


Structural Takedown


300,000 square feet


Dover, NH

Project Statistics





High Reach, Hydroblaster, Brokk

High-Power Equipment


With the campus facilities regularly in use, it was imperative that the project be executed in a way that did not conflict with the academic year and its activities.

Our Solution

With dedication and diligence, our crew members successfully completed the entire project in one summer.


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