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Commercial Environmental Remediation Projects

Demolition and Restoration Project: The Exeter Inn
Type: Demolition and Restoration
Location: Exeter, NH

-Whether it was crown molding, hand crafted trim on the cabinets, or the woodwork that was the elegant old bar, we were able to provide the carpenters the material to restore the rooms to their original exquisiteness.

-Unlike other projects, where EnviroVantage is usually “first in, first out,” we performed “Demolition on Demand,” being called in throughout each aspect of this intricate project.


Asbestos and PCBs abatementProject: Commercial Warehouse
Type: Asbestos and PCBs abatement
Location: Portsmouth, NH

-Being resourceful, EnviroVantage brought a generator to the warehouse, which offered no heat, electricity, or power.

-Putting safety as a priority, we set up proper containment so no other areas would be affected by the hazardous materials.


NH DemolitionProject: Elliott Rose Greenhouse
Type: Demolition
Location: Dover, NH

-Taking caution, the yellow shirted crews continually soaked the wood and caulking to make sure that no asbestos fibers were set free into the air.

-Being an environmentally conscious company, EnviroVantage efficiently recycled all aluminum, plastic, steel, cement, panels, electric wiring/cables and over 51,000 feet of piping.