Founded a decade ago, Trinseo has become a leading manufacturer of plastics, latex, and rubber. After this particular latex plant was abandoned, our teams were called in to demolish four of the buildings, as well as remove two boilers and a biosphere.

As part of the project’s execution, our crews used torch cutters, excavators, and the high reach to safely and systematically demolish the buildings. Since the plant was located on a lake, a barge and crane were utilized to properly remove the boilers, and steel and copper were eventually recycled from the site.


Trinseo Latex Plant


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Gales Ferry, CT

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Steel and Copper

Recycled Materials


The plant was located along a river and near a residential area, which made the project more difficult.

Our Solution

A barge was used to properly remove the boilers. Our crews were also ensured that all nearby residents were informed of the construction.


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