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Environmental Remediation for Government Buildings

Emergency Disaster Recovery NHProject: New Hampshire Distribution Facility
Type: Emergency Disaster Recovery
Location: Concord, NH

-One call to EnviroVantage and our 24/7 Emergency Response Team came to the rescue. The EV team worked diligently throughout the days, nights and weekends following the storm setting up mobilized dehumidifiers, blowers and wet vacs to take care of the flooding.

-Throughout the above process, a dangerous material was uncovered – asbestos, a known cancer causing agent. Instead of inconveniently having to halt the project and call in another contractor, EnviroVantage promptly sent in emergency notification to the state of NH to begin abatement immediately, as we are licensed in multiple disciplines including the removal of asbestos.


Asbestos Abatement in MaineProject: Loring Air Force Base
Type: Asbestos Abatement
Location: Limestone, ME

-In 2011, the Maine Military Authority decided that this decommissioned air force base, located in Limestone, Maine, needed retrofitting for new tenants. EnviroVantage was hired by Cordjia Capital Projects Group as the specialty contractor for the asbestos abatement in three metal buildings.

-This was a six-month project for EnviroVantage.

-At the Loring Air Force Base, the majority of the work included penetrations in approximately 4600 square feet of exterior building material—steel corrugated exterior and interior, insulation, and transite panels sandwiched within. EnviroVantage also had the task of removing asbestos pipe insulation, which was throughout the 104,000 square foot hanger. Most of the pipe runs were 30 plus feet in the air, and they had to be accessed from 20-foot lifts.

-The last part of the project took place in the second floor offices in the back of the building, where EV had to take out 7028 square feet of floor tile and mastic.


Asbestos Abatement and Demolition NHProject: NH Community Loan Fund
Type: Asbestos Abatement and Demolition
Location: Concord, NH

-The NH Community Loan Fund building in Concord went through several renovations after fires which occurred under the previous owners, and it was time to truly remake the building. These two historic early 1800’s 2-story houses that were joined with a single story addition were on their way to a complete makeover!

-Nonetheless, no one knew how much work the building truly needed until the project was underway. Cobb Hill Construction originally hired EnviroVantage to do the gut of the building. As site conditions were being uncovered, the scope kept expanding. It was found that the building was in such poor condition, that mostly everything had to be removed. Not to mention, asbestos was found, so it had to be abated as well. Only the walls remained once everything was gutted out, with no roof or floors. From there, the building could be rebuilt for the NH Community Loan Fund. EnviroVantage’s part of the project took a total of 5 months.


Lead paint removal Concord NHProject: Thayer Building
Type: Lead paint removal
Location: Concord, NH

-Thayer Building is occupied 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

-EnviroVantage crews were careful to complete all lead paint removal services safely with the proper containment and warnings surrounding the project work areas.



Lead Paint and Asbestos Abatement Concord NHProject: Londergan Hall
Type: Lead Paint and Asbestos Abatement
Location: Concord, NH

-For such a large scale customization, EnviroVantage utilized 65′ lifts in order to reach every window. Employees wore protective Tyvek suits and masks and properly contained the dangerous work areas. Lead paint removal and asbestos abatement were effectively completed and the windows were carefully prepared for replacement.

-EnviroVantage successfully replaced 235 windows making Londergan Hall a healthy structure in good physical shape.